How Loggia Columns can Benefit your Home


Columns have been significant features in homes around the world for many years, even as far back as the days in Ancient Rome. Over the last few years we have seen a huge resurgence in the trend of columns and our Loggia Columns have proved incredibly popular for projects which we have worked on. In this blog we are going to be looking at how having Loggia Columns installed can be beneficial to your home.



Loggia Columns can act as a perfect design addition to any home, adding something a little different. A fantastic way to use columns is as the base for bookshelves and other create display ideas. Many architects use columns to flank a fireplace on both sides and use built in shelves to display books, entertainment centres, sculptures and more.



Our columns are super insulated with a u-value of 0.15W/m2 making them twice as efficient as a normal thermally efficient cavity wall. Amazingly they are also 5 more times efficient than a brick column and 10 times more efficient than typical window glazing. This thermal efficiency can save you money on heating bills and keep your home warmer, meaning you can relax in comfort all year round.



One brilliant thing about Loggia Columns is that they are incredibly versatile. They come in different styles, can be used in different ways and for different purposes. Our columns can be integrated with windows, doors and any other masonry elements. They can be installed in various places around your orangery or extension and are also ideal for 90-degree external corners or in between frames.


Here at Durham Design we offer a range of Loggia Column options and can carry out the full installation process. For more information please give us a call on 01325 301888 or visit