Conservatories and Installation Services



A conservatory is a welcome addition to any home. For some, a conservatory extension is a haven of peace and relaxation, whilst for others it is a noisy heart of the home. With a wide range of choice, Durham Design will customise your conservatory to meet your needs and coordinate your home, inspiring both traditional and contemporary styles.


If you have always dreamed of owning your own conservatory but feel that the space you have is unsuitable, don't despair Durham Design has the experience and innovative products to ensure we can create a conservatory in the most awkward of spots.


We will fully project manage the whole of the conservatory installation, organising all trades from electricians, plasterers and joiners so that we complete your conservatory from start to completion.




Three/five facet Victorian

Its versatility makes it suitable for many house styles. Its curved shape and steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details gives a more classical appearance.


The Victorian style is available in a three facet which gives a curved appearance. A five facet front creates a more rounded look.



The flat fronted style offers excellent use of floor space due to the square or rectangular internal shape.Each side of the roof slopes back to the centre, this contemporary style suites the majority of properties.


Gable front

A gable fronted style adds a sense of grandeur to any home. With a high roof slope and the same floor space as a Georgian a gable offers fantastic use of internal space. The front panel of the roof remains upright rather than sloping back to the centre as on a Georgian.



This is a larger conservatory combining a lean-to and a Victorian, to create a versatile living space. The larger shape offers a dual purpose space such as lounge/dining.



Better suited to larger properties due to the proportions needed. Its combination style that is distinguished by a central projection that can be Victorian, Georgian or gable. Like the P shape it offers versatile living space.


Lean To

For those who prefer the clean understated lines of a Mediterranean sunroom. Traditional or contemporary, this style is ideal for properties with limited space under the eaves or an awkward area.


The pitch of the roof is flexible, a shallow pitch could fit under a low bungalow eaves. Whilst a steeper pitch would match the roof of the house.


Roof glazing options - Polycarbonate or Glass?

Polycabonate is a lower cost alternative to glass and can offer excellent solar protection and thermal properties. Available in clear, bronze, opal, bronze/opal and solarguard. However reduces light transmission.


Conservaglass represents a new generation of glazing...Keeping the sun's energy out in the summer and keeping the warmth in winter, it stays cleaner for longer than conventional glass. The transparent coating bonded into the external surface of the glass breaks down dirt and grime.


Do we need Planning?

As an Ultra Installer Durham Design can advise on planning and building regulations. If planning is required we can complete the planning application and drawings for you.


We offer a host of options such as lighting, underfloor heating, tiling and so on. As you can see, a completed conservatory from Durham Design is ready to move into.


The Ultraframe roofing system uses the latest development in design and innovation. Ultra select decorative fascias offer decorative flair to your conservatory. High performance conservaflash, an advance in technology - replacing lead flashing.




Gallery - here are some examples of our gorgeous conservatories