Altering Your Floor Plan


Are you becoming tired of your space, or perhaps running out of space? If this is the case, it may be time to consider a home renovation and make some changes to your existing floor plan. Before diving head first into altering your home, it is important to fully plan every aspect and outline everything you would like the new space to provide and the style you would like to go with. Shifting your home in this way is a big commitment so it is vital that you are happy with every aspect. In this blog we will discuss some of the ways you can convert your home and create a space that you can fall in love with.




At Durham Design we are proud to offer a range of extension types including orangeries and conservatories. Whatever your reasons for wanting extra space, a home extension offers many fantastic benefits. Whether you want a playroom for the kids, office space, kitchen extension or dining space, Durham Design can organise the planning and building regulation applications so that all of the logistics are taken care of. We will ensure perfection from start to completion. Each Durham Design project is completely unique and bespoke to your individual requirements. You can choose the windows, doors, roof and decorative elements that work perfectly with the existing property. Our team will be on hand to help each step of the way and organise each element of the process.


Loft Conversion


For homeowners who are in search of additional living space, the loft often offers the most in terms of value for money. Since lofts tend to run the length of a home, they offer enough space for multiple rooms, including home offices, home cinemas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Renovations of this kind also increase your home’s resale value, sometimes by 73 percent! Also, many loft conversions are by permitted development rights which means that you won’t need planning permission. When undertaking a project of this scale it is always important to consult with building regulators to ensure the safety of the job.


Open Plan


If you are looking to create a space that flows seamlessly from room to toom, open plan living may be perfect for you! There are many ways to style your open space in order to ensure a homely, modern and cosy atmosphere. You can use furniture as partitions to create structure and zone off certain areas. Introducing a bold contrast is also a great way to give the illusion of separate rooms. One of the great things about making the switch to open planed living is that it does not require planning permission because the proposed work does not involve the extension of the overall footprint of the home.


Durham Design also offer bespoke bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen renovations amongst much more! Visit our website to learn more.


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