Enhance Your Kitchen with Durham Design


Inject new life into your kitchen with a redesign from Durham Design. Our team of expert craftsmen and tradespeople can help turn your dream into a reality. Our team offer a complete kitchen design and installation service on all our bespoke fitted kitchens. Each of our kitchens are rigid built, fully assembled, cam & doweled carcass and colour matched to any door! With over twenty-five years of experience, Durham Design provide high-quality, bespoke home improvement solutions which enhance the beauty of your home. In this blog we will be discussing some of the great benefits of upgrading your kitchen with Durham Design.


Increase the Value of your Home

If you are considering a remodel of your kitchen, one of the main incentives may be an increase in the value of your home. Kitchen renovations have a great ability to accomplish a high return on profits. Most kitchen renovations see the biggest reward when it comes to selling your home. Many potential buyers look for a sleek, modern, and functional kitchen.


Increase Functionality

When renovating your kitchen, every design choice that is made will inevitably improve the overall function and general purpose of the kitchen. It has been proven that spending time in and cooking in a new kitchen is much more fun and enjoyable. Everyone wants to be able to fully enjoy the space that they’re living in.



One thing about kitchens is that if they become neglected, it can almost become a time capsule for the time period in which it was initially constructed. Choosing to remodel your kitchen will allow you to bring your kitchen up to date and in line with design trends of this era. Leave your kitchen remodel in the hands of experts like Durham Design and experience true luxury.


Learn more about our kitchenshere and view a gallery of our past projects.


If you are looking to upgrade your home this new year, Durham Design offer a range of other building services too such as replacement roofs, extensions, orangeries and much more!


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