Enjoy the Great Outdoors with a Garden Room


At Durham Design we are thrilled to now offer Garden Rooms!


In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know, and more, about these brilliant new living spaces from UltraFrame.


Why a Garden Room is perfect for you…


These stunning structures provide the opportunity to transform your garden into a beautiful, energy efficient, functioning work or living space. Whether you are looking to build a home office away from your house or use it as a space you and your family can enjoy together all year round, a Garden Room is perfect for you!


A Garden room offers a fantastic, innovative alternative to people who may have been considering a traditional brick extension. All of the Ultraframe components used in the construction of our Garden Rooms have been designed specifically for use in home extensions. This means that each room will comply with building regulations in terms of energy efficiency and keeping heating bills to a minimum.


Our Garden Rooms have a lifespan of over 30 years and are purposefully built to withstand even the most torrential British weather.


The Ultraframe Garden Rooms are finished in contemporary anthracite grey which offers a stylish alternative that will not fade over time.


Durham Design Garden Rooms are specifically designed to set us apart from competitors. They are…

  • Fade Free
  • Bright
  • Durable
  • Fast (available on a 10-day lead)
  • Energy efficient


Quick and Easy!


In addition to short lead times, our Garden Rooms usually don’t require planning permission except for certain circumstances which means we can begin the building process quicker than for most home extension projects. For further guidance about planning permission, contact us.


There are two different designs of Garden Room – both absolutely exquisite and unique.


The Studio


The Garden Room Studio design is simple yet extremely stylish and do not require any planning permission even if it may be close to a boundary.


With this design you are able to choose 2 or 3 walls to be windows to create a stunning room that is only a few steps away from your home. We also have The Tall Studio which is 2900mm high which means that the possibilities are endless for how you can utilise this space.


The Pavilion


If you are looking to make a statement, The Pavilion design’s Georgian style roof helps to create a spacious design as it includes 4 stunning rooflights. Our Premium Pavilion is where inline columns are exclusively available and will make a brilliant bold statement.


At Durham Design we offer a wide range of services including windows and doors, conservatories, kitchens and many more!


For more information about our Garden rooms visit the page on our website www.durham-design.co.uk or contact us.