Have a Creative and Chic Christmas


We love finding new ways to style homes, and Christmas is no exception. Whether you are a huge fan of the Christmas festivities, or perhaps a little bit of a Grinch, there are always options that will help your home feel like yours no matter the time of year. In this blog we will be discussing some great ways to style your home for the festive period whether you intend on going all out or opting for a minimalist approach.



Opting for lush green accents and a more muted and sophisticated colour scheme allows you to experience a Christmas of luxury. If you are not a huge fan of huge, colourful decorations, this may be a great option for you! Green and gold are a great combination of colours and don’t immediately overwhelm with Christmas connotations. There are so many directions to steer this decoration style that it could work for anyone!


Minimal Touches

Keeping it simple at Christmas is a great way to still celebrate the festivities while maintaining your existing interior design. Sometimes your hard work is too good to hide, and we don’t blame you! Adding smaller elements of Christmas such as garlands and wreaths is a beautiful and simplistic way to celebrate Christmas and continue to showcase your gorgeous home.


All Out

Christmas is truly on of the most beautiful and joyful times of the year, and it is the perfect opportunity to go all out with big, bright decorations. With bright, colourful lights, a big and bold tree and lots of other fun and festive trinkets, your home will become a hive of happiness and warmth. If you have young children who’s eyes still illuminate at the magic of Christmas, this is definitely a great option!


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