How A Bedroom Design Can Benefit You


The average person spends 227,760 hours in their bedroom. This is a substantial period of time to be in a room. That’s why with Durham Design we can create your dream bedroom that you will never get tired of. In this blog we are going to discuss the exquisite bedroom design options that we offer.


The Space Available

No matter the space available or the size of the room, we offer a wide range of styles and finishes that are elegant and contemporary. Awkward spaces pose no threat to us. If you have a slanted roof or an area you are unsure how to utilise our team of expert designers will explore all possible options of how to make the most of the space.


Our Design Service

We are driven by customer satisfaction and aim to provide you with a premium, quality bedroom. Our designs and installations are unique to every client as everyone’s needs differ. From the very beginning during the design process to carrying out the installation, our team of designers will support you through all of your choices.


Wardrobe Options

A bespoke bedroom or office space that has flat or slanted ceilings can be finished with super sleek, delicate Hinged Doors. All cabinets that are created come with adjustable legs and soft close doors and drawers, which is standard. Sliding Doors allow you to save space and create easy access with a contemporary look. You have the option of soft built in closing doors that offers smooth opening and closing action.


At Durham Design, we can create you the perfect, sophisticated bedroom you are looking for. To find out more information about our bespoke bedroom design, visit our website or call us on 01325 301888.