How A Conservatory Can Benefit You All Year Round


Many people think conservatries are just for the warmer summer months. However, they are a functioning room all year round! Like in the house you can install radiators and under-floor heating so that you can use them in the winter months. In this blog we are going to discuss how a conservatory can benefit you all year round.


Heating/ Insulation Systems

It’s just a myth that your conservatory can’t be used during Winter. It is just an extension of the home; it doesn’t mean it can’t have the same appliances as the living room for example such as heating. Our range of conservatories are built with that in mind and contain insulation allowing you to enjoy your extra space throughout the year.


Cooling Systems

If your conservatory is positioned to get the summer and winter sun, then generally it is going to be quite a warm room. In the really hot summer months conservatries can become too hot however, you could have a cooling system installed. Having air condition installed is a great idea as it keeps the room cool and the air fresher. Another alternative is to talk to us about our range of conservatory roofs that are designed to keep the temperature to a comfortable level at all times.


Extra room

One of the main benefits of conservatories is that they add on extra space to your home. If your conservatory is attached to the kitchen this can give you a new place to use as your dining room. If the conservatory is changed into a dining room this could give you extra space in the kitchen or turn your old dining room into something new, the possibilities are endless!


If you are looking to add or upgrade a conservatory, Durham Design are on hand to help you turn your conservatory into the perfect room you can use all year round. To get in touch call us on 01325 301888 or visit