How To Declutter Your Home


For many people, their home is their pride and joy. There are many minimalist ways that you can live with only what you need but still creating an open, inviting space. If you have the space available in your home like in your newly built extension or conservatory we can help you find the perfect way to style your rooms with minimal items. In this blog, we are going to share with you 4 steps to de-clutter your home.


Step 1- Remove Items From The Shelves

If you begin with removing everything from its current home, you can often find items you didn’t know you owned. This step is perfect if you are clearing out your bedroom as you can lay out all of your clothes and see what you actually own. Create groups of items so that you can see areas where you may have an excessive number of items. Once you have created a number of groups you can ask yourself if you really need to keep them or not.


Step 2- Ask Yourself Questions About The Items

By asking yourself questions like ‘do I use it?’ or ‘do I like it’ will help you to make a decision about what you would like to keep and what you would like to remove. If you find yourself with multiple items that are the same, think about what you can do with them. Can you give some items to charity? Instead of disposing of the items someone else can love it like you have!.


Step 3- Create Multiple Piles

Creating many piles allows you to see where your items are going. Some items can go in the bin because they are damaged and cannot be used by anyone. A pile for charity, if you have items that can be used by others, but you no longer can use, a charity can benefit from it as it will go to someone who needs them. A keep pile, there are going to be many items that you would like to keep. They may be sentimental or something you use frequently and you would like to showcase them.


Step 4- Store Items Away In A Neat And Tidy Way

Storing your items away in neat and tidy way will not only create an aesthetic but it will also allow you to know where everything is. People quite often find it pleasing that when they open a drawer, they can see everything at a glance. Using drawer dividers in the bedroom will allow you to have different compartments for different items. Once you have started to put items away; it is best to aim to have space left over at the end for when you acquire new items.

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