How To Keep Your Home Cool in The Summer


As the sunny weather approaches, it can sometimes be quite overwhelming, especially for the British who rarely see the sun.


In this blog we will be discussing a variety of methods you can use to keep your home and extensions as cool as possible in the hot, sticky weather (and lower your energy bills!).


Air Conditioning


In addition to the tips listed below, a sure-fire way to cool down your home in the hotter weather is with an air conditioning unit. Most air conditioning installers offer systems that can complement the aesthetics of your home, conservatory or orangery.


Upgrade Your Roof


We also offer a range of replacement conservatory roofs such as UltraFrame which are guaranteed to keep your space cool in the summer and warmer in winter. Upgrading your roof with Durham Design is a worthwhile decision as they can transform your space in terms of style and usability.


Invest in a Good Quality Fan


Fans can often be a summertime godsend! But they tend to consume a lot of energy (even when on standby) so it’s very important to make sure you’re only using them when absolutely necessary.


Setting your fan on the ground and pointing it upwards, unobstructed, towards the opposite wall will allow cool air to bounce off the wall and back into the room to mix with the warmer air and cool it down.


If you’re looking to speed up the cooling process, placing a bowl of ice water in front of your fan’s blades will send icy water droplets around the room, almost creating a homemade air conditioner!


Bowls of Water


Following on from the previous point, placing bowls of cold/ice water around the house can help cool hot air. Your pets will also probably be incredibly grateful!


Although this solution may seem a little untidy, it is brilliantly useful and will help cool down the air in each room.


Change Your Lightbulbs


Typical incandescent lightbulbs are horribly inefficient. They produce up to 90% of their energy as waste heat which in turn will warm up your home. Switching to low-energy lightbulbs is the best move to make as it will reduce overheating and even save you money!


Close your windows


Although it may seem extremely tempting to open up your windows to cool down your home it could end up causing more problems. If it is hot outside, opening your windows will make your house feel even warmer so keeping your windows closed (although it may not seem like it) will keep the hot air out. Keeping south-facing windows closed is especially important!


At night-time when the temperature drops it is prime time to open up all of the windows and let some air through.


At Durham Design we offer a range of windows that are now more energy efficient than ever. Less entering/leaving will also impact positively towards reducing your heating bills, not to mention the positive contribution you will make towards reducing your carbon emissions.


We hope that everyone can enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts and that you all remain comfortable in your homes.


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