How We Can Design Your Dream Bedroom


Whether you are a young child, a teenager or a grown adult, everyone wants a bedroom to be proud of. Our bedroom is after all the one room in our homes that we spend more time in than any other! At Durham Design we have a team of design experts who can use their knowledge and experience to both design and install the bedroom of your dreams. In this blog we are going to take you through some of the ways in which we can transform your bedroom.


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors really are one of our favourite installations to bedrooms and something that we highly recommend if you are looking to create extra space in the room. We offer a wide range of panel options that all look as classy as each other. With over 40 stunning panel finishes that are made to measure, our doors are a perfect addition to any bedroom.


Your Opinion Matters!

When working on the design elements of your bedroom, we always ensure any design choices are made to suit your exact needs, preferences and requirements. We can arrange a meeting prior to any work, in which you can tell us your vision for your dream bedroom. We work hard to make every project that we work on completely unique.



While having a vision for a project is exciting, we understand how stressful the installation process can be. That’s why we work to ensure a quick and efficient service. Our installers have years of experience so know how to get around any problems and provide a service which is second to none. During the installation process with Durham Design, you will be able to relax without any worries!


For more information on how we could design and install the bedroom of your dreams, visit: or call us on 01325 301888.