Inexpensive Ways to Heat Your Home


As the colder and darker months quickly approach, heating your home becomes incredibly important. With lots of people spending much more time at home during the winter months, you may be considering different ways to keep your house warm without spending a lot of money. In this blog we will be discussing several ways that you can heat your property for less.


Let In Natural Light


Even though it doesn’t typically get very warm during the autumn or winter months, the sun can heat your home more than you may imagine, especially if your windows are large. When the sunnier days come, keep your curtains and blinds open to warm up the room. In addition to this, you should also close them again once the sun disappears to maximise the warmth. At Durham Design we offer a wide selection of energy efficient windows and doors designed to minimise heat loss.


Block Up Your Chimney


In recent years, many people haven’t made use of their chimneys due to the expensive maintenance costs and the ease of using central heating. If you have an unused fire in your home, chances are that you are losing a lot of warm air through your chimney. This can be avoided through the installation of an insulator or chimney balloon. These are very inexpensive and can save you a lot of money on your energy bills in the long run.

Space Heaters


You don’t have to travel outside of the galaxy to get your hands on a space heater. There are many energy efficient options available online and in shops that will enable you to reduce your energy bills and heat individual rooms in your home. It is important to find an option that is energy efficient otherwise it may just produce hot air without actually warming up your home. Opting for a newer, energy efficient space heater means that less electricity will be required for it to function, and it may have energy-saving features such as a timer.


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