Look After Your Home This Autumn


While Winter isn’t quite here yet, we are now into the season of Autumn which unfortunately means less sunny days and more torrential rain. Any home can really feel the effect during these few months and then also as we transition into winter. At Durham Design we care about your home, so in this blog we are going to be sharing our tips for looking after it this Autumn.


Leaky Taps

This maintenance tip may not be an obvious one but during winter, it can cost an absolute fortune to get a leaky tap fixed so you should beat this problem early! Check the taps in your kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else in your home, to ensure there are no leaks. If you find any issues, act fast and get the problem fixed in Autumn before prices rise.


Check windows and doors for drafts

The next few months will be chilly enough without the added cold that drafts can bring. Over time old windows and doors can lose their air tightness around the edges, causing slight drafts to enter your home. Resolve this issue by treating yourself to a brand-new set of windows and doors. For quality, strength and natural good looks our windows and doors are the perfect option!


Replacement Roof

Anyone who has a conservatory will know how easily they can get damaged in extreme weather conditions. The last few years have seen stories across the country of hail stones denting and even smashing conservatory roofs. With the range of replacement roofs that we supply, we can offer roofing options that are perfect for withstanding extreme weather conditions.


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