Our Kitchen Design And Installation


The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home and a place where everyone comes together. It’s a centrepiece for designing your property around and often something homeowners take pride and joy in. In this blog we are going to discuss how we can create your ideal kitchen and make those dreams a reality.


Design And Installation Service

We offer a bespoke kitchen design and installation service. All of our kitchens that we supply are fully intergraded creating your perfect kitchen! We will be there to manage and co-ordinate all trade like plastering and tiling to ensure that the installation all runs smoothly and correctly and matches your requirements completely.


The Versatile Space

A kitchen doesn’t just provide a space to cook, it is such a versatile room where you can dine, entertain, relax and talk. If you are looking for a kitchen that is classic and country or modern and vibrant, we have a design that can suit you and your lifestyle. However big or small your kitchen may be we have a style that can suit you. We have curved units and storage to suit the needs of your home allowing us to create great storage options in smaller spaces.



All of our kitchens are designed bespoke to match your needs and requirements to complement your lifestyle. As well as kitchen units and islands your doors can be made completely bespoke to size and colour. We will be there to help and support the decisions you make every step of the way.


Here at Durham Design we will help you create the kitchen you desire. Any unique tastes you have we can cater for. For more information about our kitchen design services call us on 01325 301888 or visit