Installed on a new build extension, Orangery, or inserted into an existing flat roof, an UltraSky roof light will help you add the feeling of space and natural light to your home.



The UltraSky lantern roof is available in a number of bespoke rectangular sizes ranging from 1m x 1.5m to 2m x 4m.


We also cover the following services:

Renovations, conversions, fascis and soffits, block driveways, joinery work, garage doors.













UltraSky Flat


The stunning Ultrasky Flat roof adds a classy, elegant look to both extension and orangery roofs as they allow natural light to flood into your home creating a light, bright, modern space. The Flat roof will give your room an open feel whilst being fully insulated and blocking out noise form outside. If you are looking to add a contemporary look to your home, the Ultrasky Flat roof is the perfect option. The skylight features...

  • - Edge to edge glass
  • - Fine line plasterboard trims
  • - Slim aluminium surrounds
  • - Click fit clips
  • - Fully insulated frames
  • - Noise reducing glass
  • - Double seal gasket
  • - Fully insulated PVC kerb



The shortest side of the Ultrasky Flat Roof is a minimum of 600mm and maximum 1400mm. The span which is the longest side measured to the internal face of the kerb is minimum 600mm and 2500mm.


UltraSky Roof

By choosing the stunning Ultrasky Roof we can combine modern living with natural lighting methods that creates a beautiful, light, open space. The insulated pelmet with lantern roof will allow you to enjoy better lighting and thermal performance all year round. Not only will the Ultrasky Roof provide you with thermal efficiency and natural lighting but also…

  • - Weather protection
  • - Structural Strength
  • - Choice of materials

    Choose between uPVC or aluminium lantern roof, both will provide you with stunning visuals all year and performance.