When is it Time to Upgrade your Conservatory?


After many years with the same old conservatory you may have become so comfortable that you aren’t realising what you could be missing out on. As recently as the last few years, technology has changed drastically and at a fast rate. There are much better options available to increase the comfort and style of your conservatory. In this blog we will be talking about when may be the time that your conservatory is due an upgrade.


Thermal Efficiency

If you notice a huge difference between the temperature of your conservatory during Summer and Winter, this is a sign that it isn’t very thermally efficient. In the modern day, conservatories often use specialist types of glazing and materials to increase thermal efficiency. These methods are designed to keep the heat in and draughts out, making your conservatory much more comfortable during the colder months.



Whether you simply want to add a replacement roof to your existing conservatory or would like something modern to complement a brand-new conservatory, there are some fantastic options on offer. A replacement roof can provide external noise reduction, fantastic longevity and great thermal efficiency.



With the ever-changing trends of home design, it makes perfect sense to update your property accordingly every few years. With a wide range of stylish conservatory options, we can help you add real beauty to your property. We offer a variety of styles, which all look amazing from the inside and outside.


Here at Durham Design, we can be with you every step of the way to ensure your new conservatory is everything you have dreamt of. For more information on our services give us a call on 01325 301888 or visit