Why Choose an Orangery for Your Home?


Orangeries are a popular home improvement project amongst many people because they not only look fantastic but are an affordable way to extend your property. An Orangery tends to occupy unused garden space, therefore helps create more vital space in your home. It can make a great dining room, office or additional lounge room too. In this blog we will be discussing why an Orangery is the perfect home improvement this Spring.



By opening up your downstairs living space with the addition of an Orangery it will immediately transform your home, giving you much more useable space. As a result, you will be able to branch out into new décor styles, and also create the dream space you’ve always wanted!


Boosts Value

The Orangery of your dreams can vary significantly depending on the size; however it is estimated that adding an Orangery can add as much as 7 to 11 percent value to your home on average. With the addition of an extension it becomes a much more appealing for potential property buyers.


Suitable All Year!

Orangeries are a room for all seasons, no matter what the weather conditions may be. In the summer they’ll allow you to open the doors to embrace the sunlight, while in the winter they’ll allow you to keep warm and sheltered from the wind and rain, they can also reduce the glare and sunlight, due to the modern glazing technology and specialist roof options they use. It’s a perfect option particularly for those people who have South-facing properties and with Durham Design we can provide some great design ideas for your extension.


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