Our Favourite Warm and Cosy Design Ideas


Hide away from the brisk autumn breeze with delightfully cosy interior design elements. Keep warm without spending too much money on energy bills! Snuggle up with your loved ones and hibernate at home. In this blog we will discuss some of our favourite, inexpensive ways to stay warm during these colder months.


Windows and Doors

At Durham Design, we provide a range of practical and stylish windows and doors that can be chosen to flow with the style of your home, or to make a bold and exciting statement. Whichever style you choose, our team install only the best products. All of our UPVC- PVCu Windows and Doors come with double glazing as standard, or you could opt for one of our triple glazing units, all of which are rated ‘A’ in energy efficiency.


Layers of Blankets

A go-to of ours for the autumn and winter months is always to gravitate towards piles of blankets. One of our favourite ways to stay cosy is to snuggle up on the sofa watching a movie with snacks (and perhaps a glass of wine) underneath a soft and snuggly blanket. A great way to keep all of your blankets close and accessible is to store them in a neutral basket in the living room so that it can flow seamlessly with your room.



Although uncovered candles don’t emit a lot of heat, a small amount of warmth is generally dispersed in a room, absorbed by the walls and furniture but lost through the doors and windows. A great way to prevent so much heat from being lost, you can use a terracotta pot as it can effectively absorb, maintain and centralise the heat from a candle.


At Durham Design, we offer a range of other building services too such as replacement roofs, extensions, orangeries and much more!


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